7 Farming Stories You May Have Missed This Week – May 7, 2021

Need a quick catch up on agricultural news? Here are seven stories you might have missed this week.

1. Making promises to deliver products from green, sustainable farms is easy, but delivering on those promises can be complicated. Take Gunsmoke Farms, which is just northwest of Pierre, SD, for example. General Mills Food Company announced in 2018 that he would convert the farm to organic production. The company planned to turn it into an educational center to teach other farmers “how to implement organic and regenerative farming practices”. Now some of the Gunsmoke Farms’ neighbors say the farm is doing more harm than good to the environment. – MPR news

2. Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller filed a lawsuit on April 26, claiming it was illegal for the USDA to make financial aid decisions based on skin color. the lawsuit has been filed by a legal group founded by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller. The $ 2 trillion pandemic relief program, which sets aside money for debt relief for black farmers, is at the center of the complaint. A a group of Midwestern farmers joined the lawsuit. – RFD-TV

3. The last remaining wells in Chicago, where agricultural commodity options traders have always shouted their bids, will shut down permanently, CME Group said this week. Futures trading had already been replaced entirely by electronic trading, while option pits were active until March 2020, when COVID-19 measures forced them to be closed. – Agricultural futures

4. A federal judge ruled that the USDA removal of processing speed limits in slaughterhouses did not take into account the safety of workers. The USDA has notified pork processors that they should not process more than 1,106 hogs per hour as a result of the decision. Seaboard Foods wants to pursue a 10.5 month deadline for a federal court decision that would force him to slow down the speed of slaughtering hogs at his pork slaughter plant in Oklahoma. – Food diving, Complaints log

5. Beef by-product sales increased by 24% in 2020 more than a year earlier, but climatologists believe this trend needs to be corrected. Epicurious, a popular publication for foodies, will not be releasing new recipes with beef. Columnist of BEEF magazine Amanda radke gives him his opinion on the decision. – The Hill, BEEF

6. India wheat harvest is expected to be the second highest on record in MY 2021-2022. The Indian government is providing free grains, wheat and rice, to reduce potential economic hardship as the country faces a Covid-19 epidemic. Wheat and rice are expected to be distributed to about 62% of the population. – World Grain, The Washington Post

7. Engineers at the University of California at Riverside wrote an article describing an energy-efficient way to put corn stalks back into the economy by turning them into activated carbon for water treatment. – Phys.org

And your bonus.

Farm Futures content director Mike Wilson spent time with farmers in Illinois and Indiana last week as they did their spring chores. Click on the image gallery to see the joy of the growers preparing the soil and planting the seeds. – Agricultural futures

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