How to Apply for a Loan from an NPF Microfinance Bank

How to Apply for a Loan from an NPF Microfinance Bank

Today in Npower Discussion Group Business Tips, we will be discussing how to apply for NPF microfinance bank loans. So, if you are interested in applying for these loans, keep reading.

NPF Microfinance Bank:

The bank as a business NPF Microfinance Bank Plc is engaged in the microfinance banking sector and has become one of the leading microfinance banking institutions in this sub-sector. It is a professionally run and conservative bank, offering a wide range of consumer banking products and services across its various locations. Some of the services provided include retail banking, loans and advances, money market activities and financial advisory services (to members of its community and society at large).

You can also check the link to apply for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Program P-YES 2022

List of NPF Microfinance Bank loans:

  1. Loan on salary account
  2. School equipment loan
  3. Agricultural loan
  4. transport company
  5. Loan to corporate institutions
  6. Need for LPO financing
  7. consumer loan
  8. sharp pointy ready
  9. Micro-loan

How to register:

Interested loan applicants should:

Click here to download the loan application form

To note: You need to download the loan application form from the list of forms, complete the form and submit it to any NPF microfinance bank nearest to you. You can check their website below for bank locations in your area.

For more help? Call NPF Customer Service: +234 807 455 0514, +234 807 455 0522 or visit NPF Microfinance Bank website

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