Topl Ensures Cold Chain Viability With Its Priority Impact Blockchain By Tracking COVID-19 Test Kits

HOUSTON – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Impact technology company Topl posted a cold chain case study, new software for assets requiring temperature-controlled supply chains. Cold Chain guided the shipping and storage of approximately 15,000 COVID-19 tests at -20 degrees Celsius, providing evidence that appropriate conditions were maintained. The solution extends to 18 laboratories across the United States, with 1,000,000 additional tests planned.

Cold chain, powered by the Topl blockchain, can track a range of sensitive assets in transit, from dairy products to medical supplies. For each asset, the journey from the manufacturer to the endpoint is accessible on the Topl Blockchain at each step of the process.

“We are delighted to contribute to the temperature verification and proof of origin of these test kits via our blockchain,” said Kim Raath, CEO of Topl. “This demonstrates some of the myriad possibilities that blockchain can offer the world.”

Developed by workflow automation and software security company Media Sourcery, Inc., Cold Chain uses its existing products. It also uses Varcode smart tagsMT dynamic barcodes that detect changes in time and temperature thanks to their chemical design. Cold Chain also integrates the Topl Blockchain, thus opening up new trust, security, transparency and accessibility.

As a result, each asset is scanned, creating a unique temperature-based time stamped data point using Varcode technology. The data is then secured on the Topl Blockchain, where a tamper-proof record lives on forever. Accessible by mobile device, the Topl Blockchain can show that the tests have maintained the temperature and will work as the medical community wishes.

“The underlying solution supports the tracking of all assets – digital assets, durable assets as well as assets requiring cold storage,” said Larry Ketchersid, CEO of Media Sourcery, Inc .. “Our Cold Chain Solution is scalable from our workflow products and revolutionary in the practical use of blockchain technologies. ”

The Topl Blockchain is the first to focus on ESG. A group’s ESG history is tracked and written on a blockchain using minimal energy. In essence, the Topl blockchain allows companies to prove that they are changing the world.

The Topl blockchain can manage tangible (coffee) and intangible (carbon credits) assets. The cold chain is also flexible, which means it has many potential use cases.

The first is still in progress. Although vaccines have become more available nationally, other countries need COVID-19 testing to keep the disease at bay. The cold chain can ensure that they reach patients safely.

About Topl

Topl is an impact technology economy that enables digital and sustainable transformation across value chains and enables monetization of verified impact on the Topl Blockchain. The Topl Blockchain improves sustainability tracking, provides marketers with the information needed to create brand stories for responsible products, and enables executives to unlock the reputation and financial value of impact efforts. Topl is a member organization of the CNBC ESG Council.

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